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"You'll Never Walk Alone"... Arranged by Mr. Bud

Coming up...         * * * Jackson Memorial High School Marching Band - US Bands Nationals 2013 Champions * * * ........... * * * CONGRATULATIONS goes to RYAN BENDER SENIOR of the MONTH - February Jackson Memorial High School Class of 2014 * * * ........... * * * CONGRATULATIONS goes to Rich Fernandez of Jackson Memorial Jaguar Band, who was selected to the 2013 All-South Jersey Wind Ensemble, and All-South Jersey Orchestra. * * * ........... * * * 2014-15 Handbooks and updated forms coming in June. * * * ........... If you are not receiving band e-mails regularly please e-mail JMBPvp@aol.com ...........


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2014 Cherry Blossom Parade:
Updated: March 27, 2014

* * * Cherry Blossom Parade Lineup * * *

You must review the Trip Rule book with your child and return the first page (signed by both the student and a parent/guardian) at luggage drop off.
Trip Rule Book
Trip Itinerary

Luggage/Uniform Drop off:
Drop off will be on Thursday, April 10 from 5 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. At this time, you/your child will go to the table marked with his/her bus #, drop off luggage, garment bag packed with complete uniform and shoes, and hat box. If your child needs medication on the trip, they will report to Mrs. Platt (boys) or Mrs. Boyce (girls) to drop off their medications as per the Trip Rule Book.

Luggage is limited to 1 carry-on size suitcase, bag or backpack. They will be inspected by school security before being loaded onto the buses on Friday.

All uniforms MUST BE DRY CLEANED! We cannot stress this enough. Many uniforms at the St. Patrick's Day parade looked terrible -- dirty, missing parts and wrinkled. Please make sure that your child's uniform does not look like this for the Cherry Blossom Parade.

All uniform parts are to be packed in your child's band-issued garment bag (BAND -jacket, pants, sash, gauntlets, mirror, black socks, black shirt, band shoes GUARD- black tunic top, long sleeve black shirt, black jazz pants, black socks, guard shoes, red warm-up jacket and black warm-up pants).

Please make sure shoes are clean and the laces are in good condition.

Band members are to also collect their hat box (which will be in the hallway outside the band room) and bring it to the table with them. If your student brought their hat home after St. Patrick's Day, make sure they bring it back with them.

If you have any uniform issues, please contact Patty Boyce

Your child is responsible to pack and load/unload their own instrument on the bus. Nothing but instruments, spare reeds, polishing rags, grease/oil, drum sticks should be in the instrument cases. Small instruments (flutes, piccolos, clarinets) may be packed in your child's luggage. All instruments should also be checked for correct playing condition. If a repair needs to be made, please make arrangements to have it serviced at least one week before the trip. Due to limited space, Chaperones/Staff members will not be carrying instrument repair equipment. Lastly, please ensure instruments are cleaned and polished before leaving Jackson.

Other information:
Instruments and luggage will be loaded on the charter buses when arriving at the school on Friday afternoon. Uniform Hats and Large Instruments (Tubas/Drums) will be loaded onto the Uniform Trailer. Because the trailer will be leaving BEFORE the Charter Buses, these items need to be packed and ready to go before the end of the night on Thursday, April 10th (during the luggage drop off).

If you plan to take your child in Washington, DC after the parade, this must be arranged prior to departure on April 11th. Please email Lisa Platt for further details.

If there have been any changes to your child's medical history or your contact information from the forms that were completed at the beginning of the season, please contact Lisa Platt so that new forms can be completed.

Students may bring a backpack/purse and snacks on the bus. If students are bringing snacks, please remember no nuts.


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Upcoming Competitions:
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2013-2014 Calendar Results:

2013 Senior Recognition Night:
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2013 Miss America Parade:
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2014 St. Patricks Day Parade:
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National High School Band Director's Hall Of Fame Induction:
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2013 Presidential Inaugural Parade:
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2013 Tournament of Roses Parade:
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Band Practice - 10/30/2013:

Jackson Jaguar Marching Band 2013 Show

2013-2014 Show: "Les Misérables"

Featuring the following musical selections:

"Boat Scene"
"At the End of the Day"
"On My Own"
"One Day More"
"Parade Scene/Battle Scene"
"Empty Chairs and Empty Tables"
"Do You Hear the People Sing"

Les Miserables Competition Pictures and Videos

Band Forms/Notices

2014-15 Required Forms

Updated Forms Coming Soon!

Band Shoe Order Form

Updated Form Coming Soon!

Band Polo Short Order Form

Updated Form Coming Soon!

Guard Member Warm-Up Order Form

Updated Form Coming Soon!

Band Wear Order Forms

Band Jacket Order Form (PDF)
Band Wear Order Form (PDF)
Band Blanket Order Form (PDF)
Band Wear Hats Order Form(PDF)
Band Wear Shorts Order Form(PDF)

Check Out the Jackson Jaguar Band Spirit Wear!

Band Spirit Wear (PDF) ** Updated
Band Spirit Wear Order Form (PDF) ** Updated
Band Show Shirts (PDF) - coming soon

Band Parent Membership Form

Updated Form Coming Soon!

Parent Band Polo Shirts Order Forms

The following form can be used by parents to order their own Jackson Jaguar Marching Band polo shirts.

Parent Only Band Polo Shirt Order Form (PDF)
Parent Hospitality Polo Shirt Order Form (PDF) (parents who feed students)

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